QBM - Copper Finish

Copper Finish

QBM is delighted to offer our clients a unique roofing solution with our Copper PIB roofing membrane.

Copper Finish Roof in Blackrock

Rhepanol FK is manufactured by FDT in Germany. Rhepanol FK is the world's first synthetic roofing membrane which was developed in the 1950's.

Rhepanol FK is the only system currently available with a full life cycle Assessment to ISO 14040 part ff providing this product has no significant environmental impacts in all stages from raw materials to production to instillation and ultimately to disposal at the end of use.

When installing a copper roof, our Rhepanol membrane can be either fully bonded or mechanically fixed. Our roofing edges, trims, outlets etc are manufactured by FDT and supplied by QBM.

Once the roofing membrane is installed our roofing contractor can install a standing seam to replicate a metal roof. The standing seam is installed from the ridge to the gutter. The standing seam is manufactured from PIB which is the same material as our waterproofing membrane. The standing seam is self adhesively bonded to our waterproofing membrane. Finally the roof is coated wit our PIB Copper paint. The paint has real copper particles in it. The paint will absorb into the membrane and eventually patinate.

Copper Finish - Before
Copper Finish - After

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For more information QBM's Copper Finish flat roofing products call us on 01 839 11 70 or email us on info@qbm.ie.

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