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Firestone EPDM Façade Membrane Systems

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QBM offer high performance EPDM rubber membranes for permanently sealing around building penetration points in rainscreen façade systems. Thickness 1.0mm

This range of high performance synthetic rubber membrane is designed for permanently sealing around building penetration points in rainscreen façade systems. Manufactured from 1.0mm thickness EPDM, it is completely watertight and totally resistant to UV light, temperature extremes, chemical pollutants and moisture.

When used with our Firestone Bonding Adhesive installation is fast and simple.
QBM supply our Rain Screen Waterproofing EPDM in wide rolls 3Meter or 6 Meter wide by 30Meters long, therefore we can cover areas very quickly with minimal joints.


  • EPDM offers superior mechanical properties i.e. high elasticity (> 400%) and tensile strength (> 8 N/mm²) to accommodate substrate movements.
  • Outstanding ageing properties: the actual field experience has proven EPDM performs satisfactorily over 30 years. Its resistance to UV, oxidation, ozone, heat, cold and weathering results in an estimated service life Exceeding 50 years.
  • Excellent static (point load of 25 kg on a surface of 10mm = 3.12 MPa) and dynamic puncture resistance, combined with abrasion resistance enables EPDM to resist mechanical shocks.
  • Cold temperature flexibility up to –45°C. EPDM membranes can thus be installed at very low temperatures and can withstand substrate movements during very severe winter conditions.
  • The EPDM membrane has a good dimensional stability, as it is inert, with limited shrinkage.
  • EPDM is an inert material with a very low environmental impact.


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For more information QBM's Firestone EPDM Façade Membrane Systems call us on 01 839 11 70 or email us on info@qbm.ie.

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