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Kalzip foldable aluminium is the ideal material for traditional metalworking techniques. Almost every roof shape and facade form can be achieved. FalZinc, TitanSilver and Dark Fal-Zinc perfectly compliment with traditional and modern planning concepts. The pre-weathered material resists the impact of even the most severe environments and provides a durable appearance for buildings and long-lasting protection against the elements Kalzip foldable aluminium retains its shape, even under high structural loads. The material properties and manufacturing processes lead to a highly efficient and low waste product. Kalzip foldable aluminium offers outstanding value with an excellent price versus performance ratio. It provides maximum certainty for calculations and price stability. Kalzip is also 100% recyclable and provides extended durability across the life span of the building. In addition, the delivery options of either sheets or coils ensures minimal waste and economic use.

Benefits of Kalzip for Installers
  • Tried and tested installation techniques
  • Optional separation layer between Kalzip Foldable Aluminium and timber formwork
  • Easy installation even in cold temperatures
  • Very lightweight, facilitating easy handling on site
  • Attractive price versus performance ratio
  • Reduced waste, as the most efficient solution (sheet or coil) can be provided
  • High cost stability, providing certainty in pricing
Benefits of Kalzip for Planners
  • Design freedom due to unlimited formability
  • Choice of products such as FalZinc, TitanSilver and Dark FalZinc
  • Choice of colours with FalzColour
  • Unique Matt effects: FalzColour provides a unique and elegant 3% gloss finish.
  • Attractive price versus performance ratio
  • Planning, construction time, and cost certainty owing to simple fabrication and installation methodologies.
  • Optional separation layer between Kalzip Foldable Aluminium and timber formwork
  • Highly corrosion-resistant, leading to low whole life costs
  • Cost efficient compared to existing hard metals
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