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Rib-Roof Metal Roofing Systems - Turning Visions Into Reality

Commercial building Matzleinsdorf for the central train station in Vienna (material: aluminium stucco-embossed)
Commercial building Matzleinsdorf for the central train station in Vienna (material: aluminium, stucco-embossed)

Making progress. No detours. Only few steps of procedure.

This vision shapes the RIB-ROOF metal roofing system. Our top priority was, and remains so to- day, to provide metal roofing that is unbelievably simple and quick to install. This has led to our system solutions with a clever installation tech- nique that is combined with the highest product quality and excellent operating efficiency. This is why RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems will enable you to immediately achieve the right results. With its wide range of roofing variety, different metals and surfaces, RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems of- fers architectural freedom combined with perfect functionality. Take advantage of the manifold possibilities of a time-tested system.

The Basis of Success - Achieve Extraordinary Aims

Zambelli has more than 50 years hands-on experience in the field of metal roofs.

The Zambelli Group is shaped by its expert craft- manship while striving for perfection and with the courage to head in new, often difficult directions. The brothers Franz and Carlo Zambelli Sopalu, both expert plumbers and experienced in tin-coating, founded the company in 1957 as a craftman's establishment. At that time their specialisation was building construction and the renovation of church roofs. Through numerous patents and registered designs the founding fathers spurred the company forward.

Within only two generations the company evolved into an internationally active industrial enterprise in the metalworking sector with more than 800 employees at nine locations in six countries. Part of the group includes Zambelli RIB-ROOF GmbH & Co. KG: with over 30 years of manufacturing experience and over 15 million square meters of roof surfacing that has been made so far. It is now one of Europe's leading producers of metal roofing.

A Safe System Solution - Doing Things in the Right Way

Strakerjahn-school, Lübeck (material: aluminium colour coated 'Patina matt')
Strakerjahn-school, Lübeck (material: aluminium colour coated 'Patina matt')

The characteristics of RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems are cleverness and simplicity.

RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems is distinguished by the innovative sliding slot connection with its own sliding clip system. The high degree of prefabrication substantially reduces construction time. In comparison with conventional standing seam profiles, RIB-ROOF offers maximum security in planning the installation and in its functionality

Get on your roof - using RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems this is not a problem at all.

In the year 1978 the RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems received the first authorisation approved by the building authorities. This means tested quality and safety: Despite wide clip distances a RIB-ROOF roof is still walkable and self-supporting. This is an advantage you will appreciate for renovation projects.

The RIB-ROOF Principle - Benefit From Experiences

Airport 'SkyWorld Plaza' Hamburg (material: aluminium stucco-embossed protective plating on both sides forced curved)
Airport "SkyWorld Plaza" Hamburg (material: aluminium stucco-embossed protective plating on both sides forced curved)
95 m length of profile sheets execution of a fixed point by using a clip bar
95 m length of profile sheets execution of a fixed point by using a clip bar

Built Safely - Long Term Protection

  • No lever action of the sliding clip on the roofing with pressure and tensile loads that might arise from dilatation*
  • Sliding seam and sliding clip allow for dilatation of the profile sheet, thus avoiding tension in metal roofs
  • The “Clicking into Place Mechanic” ensures permanent connection to the profile sheet through closed linkage
  • Self-supporting and walkable
  • Permanent waterproofing through impenetrable installation with no transverse joints
  • Impenetrable installation of fittings onto the profil sheet substructure
  • Additional item diffusion-open layer possible without to change the roof construction
  • With high wind-drag loads, e.g. in coastal and mountainous regions a suitable solution of system fittings can be selected

Using the RIB-ROOF standard clip you can pull up.

On your marks, get set, go! With RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems you can use the single clips to save time otherwise spent on extensive measuring and pre-assembly. The uniquely developed sliding clip is screwed directly into the profile sheet. Fast work is possible. Mistakes in measuring are avoided. RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems always provide different optimal clamping applications. The opti- mised Profile-Clip geometry stays in place perfectly no matter the type of roof construction or substruc- ture under each sheet. In this way, material expan- sion caused by possible changes in temperature can be balanced out. This is a superior advantage of the RIB-ROOF system when laying long sheet panels.

While others are still flanging, you can already see the result.

All you need to install RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems are hands that can tackle work. It is not necessary to join the standing seams again neither a mechanical flanging is necessary. This makes it possible to install the roofs perennial.

Furthermore the profile sheets are not rigidly coupled so a thermal expansion is possible. You can be absolutely sure that your RIB-ROOF roof will keep the shape over years.

Saving Time - Building As Efficiently As Possible

  • Immediate start of installing the profile sheets as there is no pre-assembly of clips necessary
  • Calculation errors as well as measuring errors can be excluded totally as the profile sheet pretends the perfect position for the clip
  • Quick process of construction without final mechanical flanging
  • Installation is even possible at low temperature
  • Production and curving of the profile sheets is also possible directly at construction site

Record breaking: 1200 m2 in 3 hours

Optimisation of costs and deadlines is an important factor when having to construct a supermarket as quickly as possible - normally it already takes 4 months from laying the foundation to opening day – an important aspect to consider. That is why Aldi, Lidl, Norma as well as the Rewe and Edeka groups all rely on RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems. With over 100 projects in Germany and Europe, it is not only the time-tested quality and the wide range of material that have made RIB-ROOF one of the favorite producers of roofing systems. It is also the simple instal- lation design without any complicated adjustment and pre-setting up of clips that give our system an unbea- table advantage in time. The roof profile of this Norma Supermarket was put into place by 11 technicians in only three hours.

Norma-supermarket, Hünstetten-Kesselbach (material: aluminium colour coated RAL 9006 whitealuminium)
Norma-supermarket, Hünstetten-Kesselbach (material: aluminium colour coated RAL 9006 whitealuminium)

One system – varied creation

  • Adaptable to the ground plan of a building and the roof shape
  • Two different profiles choosable: Speed 500 and 465. Available in different shapes and executions
  • Flat roof; applicable from 1.5° roof pitch
  • All lengths of profile sheets are possible to produce; execution without transverse impact and overlapping of profile sheets
Football stadium: 'Wörtherseestadion Klagenfurt' (material: aluminium stucco-embossed conical curved)
Football stadium: "Wörtherseestadion Klagenfurt" (material: aluminium stucco-embossed conical curved)

RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems are as flexible as our customer requires.

The roof shapes the character of the entire structure. It defines the style and influences the impact on the viewer. RIB-ROOF metal roofing sys- tems allows room for your own ideas. RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems can be adapted exactly to fit ground plan and roof geometry. Two RIB-ROOF systems, Speed 500 und 465, with different profile sheet designs are available. All lengths of profile sheets can be used with both systems be- cause they are laid without any transverse joints. Almost anything is possible with RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems.

The Architectural Freedom - Taking New Paths

The System At A Glance

RIB-ROOF Speed 500

Standard width = 500 mm; special width is possible

curved (convex)
curved (concave)
conical curved (convex)

Standard width = 465 mm

RIB-ROOF 465 Straight
RIB-ROOF 465 Bended Curved
bended curved (that means that in equal distances the profile sheet has a bend)
RIB-ROOF 465 Curved (Convex)
curved (convex)
RIB-ROOF 465 Curved (Concave)
curved (concave)
Metal trade Grassmayr Innsbruck (material: steel sheet with an aluminium- zinc coating conical)
Metal trade Grassmayr Innsbruck (material: steel sheet with an aluminium- zinc coating conical)


galvanised and coil coated on both sides:
Top side: 25μm RAL-colours; underside: light protective laquer

mill finish; coil coated on both sides:
Top side: 25μm RAL-colours; underside: light protective laquer

mill finish / stucco-embossed

mill finish / stucco-embossed, protective plating on both sides

steel sheet with aluminium-zinc coating corrosion protection class III

Titanium zinc
mill finish or pre-weathered



Special Surfaces

Patina look

Zinc look

Stucco-embossed patina matt

The individual grade for your construction project

Use your advantage by using RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems with its wide range of materials and surfaces. Only tested materials are used. Zambelli takes an external control carried out by the Institute for Material Testing Hannover (MPA). Therefore a high corrosion resistance and long operating life are guaranteed.

Residential and commercial building Marburg (material: titanium-zinc pre-weathered curved)
Residential and commercial building Marburg (material: titanium-zinc pre-weathered curved)

Create highlights!

The surfaces zinc-look or stucco-embossed patina matt give your roof a look of high quality. For everyone who has courage for colour: For the materials steel and aluminium there is additionally the whole range of RAL-colours for a coating in different qualities available.

Residential building Ottweiler (material: aluminium colour coated RAL 3009 curved)
Residential building Ottweiler (material: aluminium colour coated RAL 3009 curved)

Office building Wilo NL-Westzaan (material: aluminium stucco-embossed curved)
Office building Wilo NL-Westzaan (material: aluminium stucco-embossed curved)

Individual planned - world wide appreciated.

RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems provide the perfect solution for a wide clientele. From functional buildings for the industry; trade and craft to modern housing and housebuilding up to architecturally impressive representative buildings for institutions and infrastructure. It doesn't matter whether it is a new construction or a renovation. RIB-ROOF will put your requirements and wishes world wide into practice.

Airport Budapest Ferihegy (material: aluminium colour coated with PVDF-coating RAL 9006 curved)
Airport Budapest Ferihegy (material: aluminium colour coated with PVDF-coating RAL 9006 curved)

Centres of mobility - realised world wide.

The society is in motion. Due to the higher traffic volumes airports; train stations and public buildings often reach their capacity limits. In these cases construction projects have to be realized trouble-free; without increasing budgets and absolutely in time. RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems are impres- sive where others only have to prove themselves.

Central train station Frankfurt/Main (material: aluminium stucco-embossed curved)
Central train station Frankfurt/Main (material: aluminium stucco-embossed curved)

Start now our virtual "sightseeing tour" via Google Earth.

With Google Earth you can take a ride through the world of RIB-ROOF metal roofs.

Have a close look at several RIB-ROOF projects. Come and find out the architectural masterwork yourself, clever calculated industrial buildings and well studied special constructions.

Join In!

Check out our website and see how RIB-ROOF sheets are produced and set exactly into place on location with a system of mobile roll-forming machines. A short video will show you the unique advantages when roofing a large area.

Mobile rollforming - globally active.

Moving forward means overcoming barriers. Our mobile rollforming machines are making this possible. Profile sheets 33 meters or longer can be rollformed and produced directly at construction site.

Exact measuring to fit special projects can also be done with this technique. RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems move any construction project quickly and efficiently forward, anywhere in the world.

New trade fair halls Karlsruhe (material: aluminium stucco-embossed curved)
New trade fair halls Karlsruhe (material: aluminium stucco-embossed curved)
Fitness gym Attendorn (material: aluminium stucco-embossed bended curved)
Fitness gym Attendorn (material: aluminium stucco-embossed bended curved)
Hengelo, Popen Cultuurcentrum Metropool (material: aluminium colour coated RAL 9006 whitealuminium curved)
Hengelo, Popen Cultuurcentrum Metropool (material: aluminium colour coated RAL 9006 whitealuminium curved)

Modern architectural concepts lift barriers between roofs and facades.

RIB-ROOF offers a wide range of facade design with a variety of material, colours and surfacing possibilities. Different types of profiles as well as numerous embossing options with small bending radius make distinctive building silhouettes possible. Furthermore, the building surface has a clearly structured appearance with RIB-ROOF elements installed both vertically or horizontally: This is a design possibility that embodies any facade with a high degree of elegance. The impenetrable installation of all elements and accessories en- sures a flawless facade since there are no visible mounting parts.

RIB-ROOF System Accessories - To Perfect Details

Safety on the roof!

Working on the roof must be approached with special care, particularly as building engineering services are more frequently being installed on roof surfaces. That is why building laws have been changed since 1998 to ensure that owners and contractors take more responsibility to avoid the high number of accidents due to falling off, or through, roofs when carrying out repair, inspection or cleaning work.
RIB-ROOF has its own special system of security features to prevent accidents on new buildings and, of course, to upgrade and retrofit metal roofs that have already been built. With this system you can fulfill your responsibilities as building owners and contractors easily and quickly.

Take advantage of a tried-and-true system with a wide spectrum of accessory features and numerous individual solutions.

Perfection can be found in even the smallest detail. It goes without saying that you will achieve your goal in the most direct way possible. RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems provide you with a comprehensive range of functional features to fit all of your building and roofing requirements. Shapely surfacing for the roof ridge, eaves or rainwater pipe and gableboard will optimise the overall impression. Roof penetration for artificial ventilation, rooflight domes, or chimneys can be realised according to all norm and security standards. Snow guard system, lightning protection, walkway and tread support as well as RIB-ROOF's specially developed and tested fall arrest system are completing the system.

Ecological And Economical Construction and Renovation - Act Responsibly

Using New Potential Effectively: Generating Energy with

Mounting photovoltaic and solar modules onto a rooftop increases value in a sustainable manner. Whether it is a new building, roof renovation or upgrading an older structure, RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems allow you to choose from a wide variety of possibilities: Elevated or modules that are parallel to the roof, UniSolar film laminate is directly installed on the roof surface or mounted on plates. The solar-laminated option blends in decently and is ideal for curved and rounded roof forms. We would be happy to show you how to get the most out of your roof. Just contact us!

While others are still looking for answers, we have already solutions.

None of us should close our eyes to the challen- ges of climate change. RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems pay off not only from a financial point of view. Ecologically speaking, RIB-ROOF also always finds the right solution, for example, by using renewable resources such as wood for distance construction, thereby reducing emission by decre- asing thermal bridges.

EnEV 2009 German Energy Saving Ordinance:
Compliance without requiring additional measures

Energy reduction measures put high demands on new buildings and renovation of older structures. While energy-reducing measures are required by several of the metal roofing systems that are currently available on the market in order to fulfill legal requirements, RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems need no further adjustment. A RIB-ROOF surface has optimal values concerning thermal transmittance, without any further complicated additional measures such the installation of thermoclips serving as thermal bridges, as recently shown by studies from the "Forschungsinstitute für Wärmeschutz e.V.". Buildings with RIB-ROOF metal roofing system are good for both the environment and your bank account.

thickness of insulation 180 mm 180 mm for 0.240 W/m2K
description of construction Heat transfer coefficient for the quiet areas Heat transfer coefficient including thermal bridges required thickness of insulation to reach EnEV 2009 chart 1; line 4a
  W/(m2 x K) W/(m2 x K) mm
RIB-ROOF Speed 500 installation by using standard clips onto a double layer wooden underconstruction construction 1° B = 1.19 m 0.189 0.204** 160
RIB-ROOF Speed 500 by using a clip border onto a walkable heat insulation construction 2 B = 1.80 m 0.188 0.202** 160
RIB-ROOF by using standard clips onto double layer Z-profiles construction 3 B = 1.80 m 0.189 0.229** 180
B = 1.20 m 0.189 0.262** 200
onto a single layer Z-profile construction 4 (adjustment of calculation B1-17/97) B = 1.20 m 0.189 0.432** 250
* calculation according to DIN EN ISO 6946
** Source: FIW 18.03.2010 each value is calculated with the heat insulation 180 mm and WLG 035 (exception: walkable heat insulation for construction 2 is WLG 040)

Technology and progress in harmony with nature

This has always been our goal for supply and disposal which is why our products not only always use state-of-the-art technology, but are integrated with quality and our own environ- mental management system. We are continually developing our manufacturing technology further in order to achieve a longer life for our products along with optimal energy recovery, therefore avoiding risks to the environment. The Zambelli company was awarded with the Bavarian State Prize in 2004 which was a successful confirmation of our responsible way we deal with nature and environmental resources.

Staff Support of Installation

If things get tough, then we all work together! Particularly with large projects both in Germany and internationally, installation companies like using our staff to help with the mounting of RIB-ROOF.

They are able to profit in two ways:

  • Knowledge transfer through experienced specialists
  • On schedule project development
Vienna Airport 'Skylink Vienna' Wien (material: aluminium stucco-embossed conical curved)
Vienna Airport "Skylink Vienna" Wien (material: aluminium stucco-embossed conical curved)

Our team of experts is always at your disposal, at any time, anywhere.

Implementing architectural visions often means going over rocky roads to achieve one's goals. Know-how is needed as well as practical expe- rience. Our comprehensive range of services is based on our roots as a skilled trade business when we started in 1957 as a plumbing and roofer company. From our large projects, our engineers and skilled experts know exactly what is important. We work together with you on the planning and successful installation of customised RIB-ROOF metal roofing.


Only those who plan practical will reach a perfect result. Our team will support you with the following services already during the preliminary phase of a project:

  • Preparation of detailed solution proposals
  • Support in detailed CAD planning
  • Preparation of individual specifications
  • Development of special solutions, specifications and construction of sample roof structures
  • Statics and physical construction advice
  • Preparation of cost estimations and support for calculation themes
  • Solution proposals for a perfect scheduling of the project
Calculation hotline

Some issues can not wait. Especially when it is about the receipt of an offer promptly. Therefore our consult for calculations will gladly be at your disposal via telephone.
So do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Modular Project Support - Walking Paths Together

Installation Airport Lviv Ukraine 2010
Installation Airport Lviv Ukraine 2010

Construction Coordination, Site Supervision and Installation Support

Planning and carrying out complex projects and international construction always presents huge challenges. Our roof experts give their support to building owners, planners and construction companies, depending on the needs of each particular situation, in the following ways:

Construction planning and coordination
  • Setting up roofing plans and details as well as developing customised solutions
  • Planning project details
  • Ascertaining necessary materials, setting up a time schedule, making a list of parts
  • Project leadership (human resources, costs and construction schedule monitoring)
Installation Support
  • Carrying out Training for Installation
  • Supervision of construction and quality assurance on-site
  • Allocation of installation experts
  • Logistcal support (e.g. creating a Just-in-Time-supply plan)
  • Allocation of special traverse equipment to lift profile sheets up to 80 m total length
  • Carrying-out Alu-Welding for roof penetration
  • Allocation of trained staff for abestos removal TRG 42
  • Installation of fall arrest systems
Find out more

For more information QBM’s Metal Roofing Systems call us on 01 839 11 70 or email info@qbm.ie.

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