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Nord Bitumi Waterproofing Solutions

Nord Bitumi

Since 1967 Nord Bitumi have been manufacturing polymer modified APP,SBS and POA bituminous waterproofing solutions for the world.

Our partner company Nord Bitumi is a global brand, with many prestigious projects throughout Europe, America and Asia as evidence of our wealth of service and experience. We provide technologically advanced and reliable products to fully meet the requirements of the roofs and structures of today and the future.

Systems and Products Available From QBM include

  • ITER FORTE Premium roof systems – BBA cert 93/2867
  • POLIGUM Single layer bituminous waterproofing system
  • NORDFLEX High Performance SBS roofing system
  • SOLAR Self Adhesive and thermo adhesive solutions
  • DURA-TEC Hot melt structural waterproofing BBA cert 10/4769
  • ECO NORD Living Green Roofing Systems
  • ANCILLARIES Thermal Insulation adhesives primers trims Rooflights etc
  • SYSTEM CERTIFICATION BBA approved FM global CE certified and approved by over 20 international institutes.
Nord Bitumi


Nord Bitumi has a long and successful 30+year history in Ireland and the UK. It has been tried and tested in many large projects that have performed excellently such as:

  • Belfast Airport 20,000 M2
  • Bank of Ireland 3,000 m2

QBM is an authorised distributor for Nord Bitumi waterproofing systems in Ireland and the UK.

Nord Bitumi
Nord Bitumi

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For more information Nord Bitumi flat roofing products from QBM call us at 01 839 11 70 or email info@qbm.ie.

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