QBM stock a complete range of accessories for its RubberGard EPDM membranes to meet the requirements of various installation details found on metal roofs and provide a complete watertight solution for leaking metal roofs. All components necessary for this system are available from a single source: Firestone Building Products. Which are always in stock in our Dublin flat roof trade desk in Baldoyle just off the M50.

Firestone QuickPrime Plus is a high solids primer designed to clean and prepare the EPDM membrane and/or the metal substrate in areas to receive QuickSeam products. Firestone 3” (76mm) QuickSeam Splice Tape is a rubber based, self-adhesive tape designed for field splicing of EPDM membrane panels as well as Firestone EPDM membranes to a metal substrate.

Firestone 9” (229mm) and 12” (305mm) QuickSeam FormFlash: Flashing of standing seams, angle changes, corners, pipes and other penetrations is fast and easy using this uncured EPDM strip factory laminated to QuickSeam tape. Firestone QuickSeam SA Flashing is an 18” (450mm) wide strip of fully cured EPDM membrane laminated over its entire width to a QuickSeam Splice Tape, used to wrap curbs, flash parapets, line gutters, carry out general roof repairs.

Firestone Bonding Adhesive is a neoprene-based contact adhesive for bonding EPDM membrane to metal, wood, concrete and other acceptable substrates.

Firestone Lap Sealant HS is an EPDM sealant used for protecting exposed cut edges of QuickSeam products as well as edges exposed to run-off water. It can also be used as a general purpose sealant.

Firestone Water Block Sealant is a butyl-based sealant used for watertight seals when applied under compression e.g. behind termination bar profiles. Firestone ISOGARD HD is a ½” (12.7mm) thick high-density PolyIso board designed for use as a coverboard. The cover board not only provides a smooth surface but adds structural strength to the roofing system.

Firestone Twin Pack is a two-component low-rise, highly elastomeric, polyurethane adhesive. It is designed for bonding approved roof insulations and coverboards to the structural roof deck or other insulation boards and eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners.

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