Architects and Engineers

Our philosophy is the same as our architect clients, we strive to understand the project requirements and develop solutions that fit within budget and meet all technical, aesthetic and environmental targets.

With many years working in the flat roof material world QBM understand that when our Architect clients come to us for information on specific flat roofing materials it is because the require detailed technical information in order to provide their clients with the right material for the right job.

We are happy to provide you with flat roof material samples and will work with you to spec the correct material including the best application technique at no extra cost.

If you would like a sample pack and technical details on all our flat roof materials and flat roof systems please contact us.

Find out more

For more information on how QBM can assist you with any element of flat roofing systems please call to talk to one of or technical experts on 01 839 11 70 or email info@qbm.ie.