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Architects & Engineers

Elevate Your Projects with Our Roofing Expertise

Tailor-made for visionaries in architecture and engineering, our selection of industry leading technological roofing solutions is engineered to push the boundaries of design and functionality. From sleek waterproofing solutions to eco-forward green roofs, we equip your designs with a pinnacle of excellence, ensuring every project is not just completed, but masterfully finished with unparalleled expertise and precision.

Product excellence tailored for visionaries:

Our product range is a testament to our commitment to research, innovation, quality, design, and sustainability, specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of architects and engineers:

Team of Engineers

Warranties and guarantees for peace of mind:

Trust is built on reliability. Our products come with solid product warranties and guarantees, ensuring that your projects stand the test of time, backed by our commitment to excellence and durability.

We back every product, providing you and your clients with assurance in the reliability and longevity of our roofing solutions. Every solution comes with comprehensive warranties and guarantees, ensuring that your projects not only meet but exceed expectations in durability and performance. Details are provided on each product page.

CPD Opportunities

Stay ahead of the curve with our in house CPD course.

Our team of roofing experts will deliver this 1-hour, RIAI-approved, in-person CPD titled 'Eco Flat Roofing Systems' at your convenience in your architecture practice.

CPD Title: Eco Flat Roofing Systems 

Training Subject: EPDM Flat Roofing Systems 

CPD Points: 1 Structured CPD Point

The CPD seminar focuses on the following areas:

  •  Structural deck options

  • Thermal insulation options for flat roofs

  • Waterproofing membrane options

  • EPDM, membranes, how they are manufactured, their environmental credentials, and their advantages

  • Flat roofing, good practice details

  • Working with green roof


What our customers say:

Our testimonials speak volumes. Hear firsthand from architects and engineers who have transformed their projects with our roofing solutions, and find out why they trust us time and again.

Jonathan Goodey
Roofing Contractor

Our roofing company has been operating for over 20 years. We are delighted with the technical support and assistance we receive from QBM. They are a unique specialist roofing supplier. QBM offer a range of solutions to meet with our clients building requirements. QBM will always work with our team to deliver the best roofing solutions and deliver a first class project for our clients.

Pat O'Leary

I am delighted to recommend to QBM. They have a fantastic range of roofing systems. I believe their technical support and assistance is the best available in the market. All of their systems come with certified BBA approval. They also provide very strong warranties which is a bonus for my clients.

John Kelly
Roofing Contractor

I have been a roofing contractor and general builder for over 15 years. In that time I have had extensive experience in laying different types and makes of roofing membranes including torch on felt and pvc systems. In my opinion Firestone Rubber Cover EPDM roofing systems is the best system available on the market. I can cover many small residential roofs in one piece of rubber. With the extremely long life expectancy my clients do not have to worry about replacing their roofs in the future. The technical assistance and support which I receive from QBM is one of the many reasons why I would recommend using Firestone EPDM Rubber Cover to waterproof any flat roof.

Find an approved Installer:

Ensure flawless execution by partnering with one of our approved installers. Experience seamless installation and craftsmanship that meets our  industry leading standards.


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