Kalzip foldable aluminium is a building product that has been specially developed for roof coverings and façade cladding using fully supported roofing technology. It combines future-orientated product quality with traditional craftsmanship.

The galvanised surfaces – FalZinc and Dark FalZinc have been durable surfaces for roof and façade design for many years. According to DIN81249-1, both surfaces are suitable for use in maritime areas (EN AW-3105).

The patina surfaces – Titan Silver, Bronze AL40, UltraDark and Red Copper – captivate due to their metallic surfaces and give the building a unique look. All color patina surfaces are also usable in maritime areas according to DIN 81249-1 (EN AW-3004).

The polymer resin-based HPC coatings – FalzColor with the surfaces Stone Grey R and Anthracite Grey R, characterised by their slightly rough texture and their extremely matt degree of gloss of 3%.

Kalzip foldable aluminium is produced on state-of-the-art production facilities under strict quality controls according to standards, manufacturer specification or individual customer requirements.

Kalzip foldable aluminium offers an excellent price-performance ratio, highest costing reliability and price stability.

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Kalzip Foldable Aluminium Finishes

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