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The Epot is an electrically controlled, compound heater which has been designed for the melting and heating of modern bituminised rubber compounds (hot-melt) used in structural roofing & waterproofing installations.


Imperial Thermal Engineering’s Epot series is a quantum leap forward in the preparation of modern bituminous rubber compounds (hot-melt). This equipment has been developed in order to eradicate the use of propane gas on construction sites.

The Epot series has been developed with production in mind with fast heat up and melting times and powered by clean three phase electricity. Using an electrically operated piece of equipment as a primary heat source will avoid the safety and quality control issues arising from the use of gas fired pots.

On today’s modern construction sites gas-fired equipment is becoming unacceptable and deemed to be a significant risk.

Current risks associated with gas fired pots include:

• Presence of naked flames and risks of flash fires

• Compound exceeding maximum manufacturers specified temperatures

• Poor regulation of heat often exceeds the flash-point of the compound

• Significant safety hazards such as splash back to operators when loading

• Very high external temperature of the boiler body creating burn risks

• Site specific controls associated with naked flames and hot works

• Hot-works permits required reducing the working day by at least one hour

• Large CO2 footprint from inefficient LPG fired boilers

• Site space issues through associated storage requirements for gas and gas pots

• Logistic issues relating to deliveries and on-site LPG cylinder movements

The Epot series has been designed and developed to address all of these issues offering unrivalled safety.

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