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Vestis Aluminium

Why aluminium?
Choosing aluminium means looking to the future, without forgetting the past

Vestis is made with an aluminium alloy which offers many benefits if compared to the metals used so far.

Mazzonetto spa was founded in 1982 by the Mazzonetto family, in Veneto area which lies in the North of Italy, close to Venice. Ever since its inception, the company has distinguished itself for its manufacturing efficiency and innovative core focusing on roofing field.

Since the company was established 30 years ago, it has set the bar high for other manufacturers in its same sector, becoming a consolidated group with branches in Europe and a constantly expanding international presence.

Since the ‘90s it has extended its product assortment to metal cladding for building roofs and façades and has created a series of exclusive finishes and special claddings specifically designed for architecture and construction industry. Its high level of specialization in metalworking and its unwavering attention to market developments are the two main factors which have driven its growth process.

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