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David Butler

Managing Director QBM

David Butler co-founded Quality Building Materials (QBM) in 2012.   In his role as Managing Director he has been pivotal in growing the company to become the leading supplier of roofing systems in Ireland. Bringing over twenty years of specialised experience in the industry.   David’s tenure at QBM has been marked by a deep commitment to pushing the boundaries of roofing innovation and maintaining a gold standard in product quality and customer service.

Under David's stewardship, QBM has not only thrived in offering top-tier roofing solutions but has also set industry benchmarks for excellence. His leadership is characterised by an enduring passion for the construction industry and a relentless drive to deliver quality products and solutions paired with unparalleled customer support. This philosophy has solidified QBM's position as a trusted partner for architects, contractors and builders seeking dependable roofing solutions that meet the unique weather and climate of Irish projects.

David’s influence extends beyond the operational aspects of QBM. He has cultivated a culture where every team member is driven by his values of innovation and excellence. It's his foresight and dedication that have inspired a continuous quest for improvement within QBM, ensuring the company stays synonymous as the go-to roofing experts in the Irish construction sector.

Beyond his professional achievements, David's dedication extends into his community in Malahide, where he is a respected coach and mentor for his local GAA and Soccer clubs. This role highlights his belief in the power of commitment and teamwork—values that he seamlessly integrates into his leadership at QBM.

In leading QBM for over a decade, David Butler has not only managed a business but has also inspired a movement towards higher standards in the construction industry, championing innovation, excellence, and an unwavering focus on quality and service.

David Butler
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