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David Fitzpatrick

Director QBM

David Fitzpatrick’s road to founding Quality Building Materials (QBM) is rooted in a deep-seated passion for the construction industry. With over fifteen years experience and expertise, it’s his hands-on approach and an understanding of the Irish construction and roofing sector needs, and what truly works in this unique climate and weather, that led him to set up QBM. He saw a need for new and better roofing and façade solutions and technologies in Ireland and set up QBM to provide that solution.

His personal commitment to quality and innovation has made QBM a trusted partner for contractors and architects across the country. David has always been about more than just supplying materials.  For him, it's about providing solutions and products that the Irish building industry can rely on and service they can trust. This approach has not only helped QBM grow to be Ireland's most trusted provider but has also cemented David’s reputation as someone who genuinely understands the needs of the roofing construction sector.

From the beginning, David's aim was clear: to bring the best and latest in construction roofing technology and solutions to Ireland. His efforts to stay ahead of industry trends have ensured that QBM remains at the cutting edge, offering products and services that meet the highest standards. 

Under David’s leadership, QBM has grown significantly, powered by his vision to combine the best products with unmatched support from a skilled and well-established expert team. His forward-thinking approach has guided QBM through 15 years of  successful projects, affirming industry confidence in the company’s ability to support any construction roofing requirements.  From tendering, consulting, materials and requirements support to completion.

But David's story isn’t just about professional achievements; it’s about a genuine desire to improve the industry he loves. Leading QBM, he continues to share his expertise generously, helping projects succeed and contributing to raising the bar in construction practices. It's this blend of personal dedication and professional excellence that makes David not just a founder but a cornerstone of the roofing construction supply community in Ireland.

David Fitzpatrick
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