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William Burgoyne

Head of Training and Technical Sales

William Burgoyne brings over 25 years of roofing industry expertise and experience to his role as the Head of Training and Technical Sales at QBM. Since joining the company, William has been instrumental in pioneering QBM's training programs, successfully spearheading the training of more than 200 roofing operatives and apprentices since 2018. His efforts underscore the company’s commitment to the upskilling of the next generation of roofing contractors and apprentices across Ireland.

William’s extensive background in major industrial projects is a testament to his deep expertise and practical skills in roofing installations. He has been involved with Ireland’s leading contractors on significant projects for top-tier clients such as Intel Fab 24, Microsoft, Google, GlaxoSmithKline, and Bristol Myers Squibb, among others. This rich experience has seamlessly translated into his current role, where he leads both in-house operations and field activities for QBM.

In his multifaceted position, William not only drives technical sales but also takes an active role in pre fabricated metals and delivering comprehensive training sessions. His hands-on approach extends to providing onsite support, where he conducts roof inspections, drafts specification reports, and offers crucial on-site assistance, making him a familiar and trusted figure at construction sites across Ireland.

Highly respected in the industry in Ireland, William’s practical knowledge and personable nature have made him a cornerstone of QBM’s operations. His dedication to excellence in training and technical sales continues to enhance QBM’s reputation as a leader in providing quality roofing solutions and expert service.  William's leadership not only advances industry standards but also fosters the development of skilled roofers and apprentices, significantly enhancing QBM's role within the industry.

William Burgoyne
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