QBM - Modular Roofing

QBM and Firestone Modular Roofing Systems

From construction job-site trailers to school buildings and medical centres, the advent of modular building technologies has hastened construction schedules and expanded design options for a wide variety of building types.


Through their increased production efficiencies and cost economies, modular building systems offer an alternative to traditional construction projects - an alternative that means more effective utilization of capital resources, more building options and more flexibility for future expansion and construction designs.

For optimum performance and economies of scale, each component of modular design requires maximum construction efficiency. Roofing is no exception, which is why we offer a complete line of quality roofing products and systems for modular buildings. Engineered and manufactured for the fast-paced demands of today's modular building systems, Firestone Modular Roofing Systems offer significant advantages over other modular roofing products.

At QBM we not only stock all you need for any modular Roofing system in our North Dublin facility, we also provide a complete back up service and as much advice you require.

Modular roofing features & benefits

The combination of the EPDM membrane, the accessories and the proven seaming technology offers a unique combination of features & benefits which have been demonstrated on thousands of commercial, industrial and residential rooftops across Ireland.

  • Lightweight panels provide fast and easy installation in a factory environment
  • Diverse panel sizes provide the best alternative for your modular needs while the variety of installation methods allow installation both in a factory environment and in-situ onto different supports
  • Superior weatherability, even in the harshest conditions, results in long-term performance and owner satisfaction
  • Elongation of over 300% allowing the membrane to easily accommodate the typical movements of building components
  • Superior durability and longevity
  • Quick and easy installation
  • High flexibility and elasticity
  • Low life-cycle cost
  • Sustainable roofing solution
  • Modular roofing material available from our Dublin facility.

  • Find out more

    For more information on how QBM can assist you with any element of modular roofing systems please call to talk to one of or technical experts on 01 839 11 70 or email .

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