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Axter Waterproofing Systems

PROFESSIONAL roofing contractors demand professional materials from specialist manufacturers. Axter is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of roofing products and systems with over 100 years experience of industrial waterproofing production. Axter specialises in the fabrication of high quality, cost effective bitumen membranes that offer unparalleled performance and durability worldwide.


High performance, robust and reliable, hot melt structural waterproofing systems are engineered to exceed the lifetime of the building, and are specifically manufactured to provide durable waterproofing for high traffic roof areas. With the ability to be laid at zero falls, these systems are ideal for inverted roofs, podium decks, terraces, living roofs,

car parks and civil engineering structures.

The strength and longevity of our hot melt structural waterproofing systems make them a risk-free waterproofing solution, eliminating future replacement costs and ensuring a leak- free roof for as long as the building stands.


Hot melt systems are chosen for their ease and speed of application and robust fully bonded performance characteristics. They create seamless, monolithic waterproofing, eliminating lap failure and the possibility of water tracking beneath the system. The flexible liquid application of hot melt systems allows for complex detailing to be completed quickly and effectively guaranteeing secure protection across all areas.

Axter has developed unique, innovative, second-generation polymer modified hot melt bitumen compounds that provide tough, seamless, self-healing and flexible waterproofing capable of withstanding construction traffic and heavy duty finishes. Our advanced second-generation hot melt systems provide unrivalled benefits against competitor systems.

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